Republicans reject Pelosi’s call to shun rhetoric that could lead to violence

Towleroad has video of Rachel Maddow discussing Pelosi’s plea, yesterday, for the Republicans to tone down the rhetoric, lest it lead to violence.

Rachel shows a number of photos of anti-Obama protesters, including those outside Obama’s speeches, carrying huge guns. CNN carried the photo, above, in a big story they’ve got on Republicans toting guns at anti-Obama rallies where the president is just inside. The Secret Service, oddly, says that this does not pose a threat to the president:

U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan acknowledged the incidents in New Hampshire and Arizona, but said he was not aware of any other recent events where protesters attended with open weapons. He said there was no indication that anyone had organized the incidents.

Asked whether the individuals carrying weapons jeopardized the safety of the president, Donovan said, “Of course not.”

That’s interesting. Because I gotta tell you, if we held an anti George Bush protest near the White House, and brought guns, we’d be speaking Spanish in Gitmo right about now. Since when is it not a threat to the president to bring a huge gun to a political protest outside where he is speaking?

If the Dems had any balls, if the Dems were Republicans, we’d be offering up legislation to ban guns within 500 feet of any event where the president is speaking, or at least ban them from protesters when the president is in the area, or something. Let the Republicans defend protesters bringing HUGE guns to protests where the president is speaking. Let them. Then see how well the GOP fares in the polls. But of course, Democrats won’t touch gun control, because it’s – let’s all say it together now – “controversial.” So, better to just let Republicans with a few screws loose bring huge weapons to political rallies that have recently become violent. We really an embarrassment.


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