Progressive House leaders to Obama: No bill without public option. And, they want to meet with him.

Via Greg Sargent, the progressives in the House — the folks who someone in the White House wants to Sister Souljah — aren’t playing games anymore. And, they’re not dealing with Rahm Emanuel. They’re going right to the President to tell him their position on the public option: They won’t support a bill without it. And, they want to tell him to his face:

In a letter delivered to the White House moments ago, the two leaders of the bloc of House progressives bluntly told President Obama that they will not support any health care plan without a public option in it — and demanded a meeting to inform him face to face.

The [not-yet-released] letter — the first joint statement from progressives since news emerged that Obama might not address the public option in next week’s speech — is their sharpest challenge yet to the president, given the extraordinary sensitivity of this political moment. The letter urges him to mention the public option in his speech.

So, we know Obama has met with the Blue Dogs to discuss health care. And, he spent an evening in early August with the “Gang of Six.” Both of those groups tend to undermine Obama’s agenda. Will he meet with the Congressional Progressive Caucus? This is a group that actually shares Obama’s vision and supports him on the issues. So, we look forward to hearing about this meeting, when and if it happens.

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