“It’s just like the Hitler Youth all over again”

Democrats, and the White House, need to shut this kind of talk down, immediately. They didn’t stop it when it first started, a long time ago, and now it’s finally getting traction and is no longer considered that extreme. And in fact, conservatives are finding stories that fit their Hitler narrative – stupid things like this school singing a pro-Obama song. (I wouldn’t want my kid’s school, had I a kid, singing a pro-Bush song, but one school making a mistake does not a national socialist Hitler movement make.) These stories are damaging the president, and the Democratic party. They’re not being shut down, they’re being permitted to fester, and they’re growing. All we can do is repeat the refrain that the Democrats, and the White House, need to hire someone who knows how to fight back, and then give them the permission to fight back. The Netroots is one example of a resource the Democratic party has that has a proven ability to fight back. We’re ready to help.

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