It would be cheaper to give illegal immigrants a round-trip ticket to Paris, than ban them in the health care reform bill

The Republicans, and President Obama, want to ban illegal immigrants from benefitting from the health care reform bill. Yeah, the only problem is that under US law hospitals still have to treat them, and are reimbursed by the government. So in fact, we’re still paying, regardless. All we’re doing is sending them for more expensive care. I did a little math and found out that in some cases, we could actually save money over the GOP/Obama plan by simply sending the illegal immigrants to Paris for a week.

1. Average cost of an emergency room visit in the US (per AARP): $1,000.00

2. Fixed cost of an emergency room visit in France: 23 euros ($33.80)
3. Flight, DC-Paris-DC*: $700 (with one week stay, bought one week in advance)
4. One week in a Paris hospital: $164.50 ($23.50-a-night times 7)
5. Grand total of sending the illegal immigrant to Paris instead of treating in a US emergency room: $898.30

*Note that if it were a true emergency, you’d have to get a same-day ticket to Paris and that would cost around $2200. But, many times, people go to the emergency room for non-emergency care (and a real emergency wouldn’t permit you to fly and delay treatment). But, if it weren’t an emergency, if you wait just one week, the price of a round-trip ticket to Paris drops to just under $700, provided you stay for a week. And at the absurdly cheap rate charged for a night in a French hospital, almost $24, you can afford to spend a week, and then some.

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