Incompetence has consequences – health care debacle now jeopardizing global warming legislation

A few of our readers argue that we’re being too hard on President Obama (who we supported in the primaries, and raised nearly $50,000 for). They say that we’re only eight months into his first term, so we should cut him some slack, as though being President of the United States and the leader of the Free World is a job that can afford a year’s worth of mistakes.

The reason we are so tough on the President is that actions have consequences. His mistakes are not occurring in a vacuum. Not only is he setting back (often intentionally) numerous causes that he promised to champion, such as civil rights and health care reform, but now the White House’s inept handling of the health care reform debate is jeopardizing action on global warming. And unless that too was part of the “plan so intricate that simple folk like us simply can’t comprehend its brilliance,” then we are seeing some real damage across the spectrum of Democratic politics, in addition to an issue that concerns the planet’s survival.

The current states of affairs is simply not acceptable.

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