Health Care reform groups circulate memo on Hill warning of public ire if Baucus bill becomes law

Someone’s gonna get yelled at by Rahm….

It seems our health care reform groups just developed a spine. They’re circulating a memo on the Hill that includes polling data showing that people are opposed to an individual mandate to buy health insurance (i.e., they have to by law, or they get fined), unless the mandate includes a public option as one of the possible insurers they can go to. Baucus’ bill, which Obama seems to be supporting as first among equals, doesn’t do that.

It’s a fascinating question: whether Democrats are walking into a trap here. If they pass the Baucus bill, or any other bill, and require people, by law, to buy insurance that’s from the same old crappy private insurers who already milk us dry, and provide no viable alternative, in the future, every time Blue Cross or Humana or Kaiser screws one of us over, guess whose fault it’s going to be? Every Senator and Congressman who votes for Baucus’ and Obama’s current plan.

And Baucus and Conrad’s cute little co-op idea isn’t expected by anyone to work. Even CBO agreed. That means every American is going to be stuck with the same crappy insurers they current have, and they’re going to blame Democrats for it, thanks to Max Baucus and Barack Obama.

Should make for some exciting elections.

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