GOP accuses Obama of appeasement to Russia, offering opponent something for nothing

Oh the irony. The GOP has again proven a point that Joe and I have written about a lot over the past several years. If you unilaterally cave to Republicans – on the stimulus, on health care reform, etc. – they will not turn around and be your friend. They won’t even respond to the gesture with civility. Instead, they’ll take what you gave – thank you very much – then accuse you of being a serial caver, of being weak, or now, of appeasement (evoking, conveniently, Hitler, again).

The danger for President Obama is not just that on each of these individual issues he is getting rolled by the Republicans by caving and getting nothing in return, but now, much more seriously, there is a question in the air as to whether our President is afraid. Whether he’s weak. Whether he avoids a fight at all costs. And now, the Republicans are piling on, forcing Obama’s Secretary of Defense to say publicly that we’re not conceding, not appeasing.

It would be easier to defend the President’s actions vis-a-vis Russia, and the GOP’s attacks would have less of a chance of working, if we did not have a history of President Obama constantly caving to – there’s that word again – appease his adversaries.

Every move you make in politics has repercussions far beyond the situation at hand. Every time the Democrats cave to the Republicans, they feed a larger narrative that we have been dogged by for three decades, at least. That Democrats are weak. That we don’t fight back. That we don’t know how to fight back. That we don’t defend ourselves. And therefore, we certainly won’t defend you and your family.

At some point the cycle of political impotence needs to be broken. Constantly breaking promises, constantly worrying about how much the other guy likes you, and constantly running from a fight sends the wrong message at home and abroad.

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