Fringe religious right black pastor warns religious right conference to stop giving fodder to racism

Well this is interesting. A well-known far-right anti-civil-rights activist went to the religious right’s Values Voters summit and warned the attendees that they need to stop acting in a way that makes people think they’re racists. Absolutely fascinating. Why would he need to lecture the religious right about the way they’re acting, a way that makes mainstream America think they’re racists, unless they weren’t in fact acting like racists?

More importantly, at the same time that many Democrats are distancing themselves from accusations that the anti-Obama anger is race-based, we have a top religious right preacher seemingly freaked out enough about the charge that he’s lecturing the audience at a top religious right conference to stop doing things that make people think they’re racist.

That means the charge scares the religious right. It also means that think there’s a kernel of truth to it, at the very least.

And for the rest of us, that means we shouldn’t be afraid to call out the far-right running the Republican party for it’s intolerance and bigotry.

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