Frank Rich: Even Glenn Beck Is Right Twice a Day

Another excellent piece from Frank Rich. This time about Glenn Beck’s masses. And about how the discord Beck is sowing, and tapping into, is quite dangerous, and shouldn’t be simply written off as “there go the crazies.”

They are crazies, of course. Or perhaps crazed. (Americans, for all of our strengths, have an incredible capacity to be bamboozled. All humans do, but we do it so remarkably well.) But they’re crazies who are making an impact, mostly because politicians are letting them. The GOP is desperate for a leader, and Beck gave it to them – not in himself, but rather in the villagers-with-pitchforks he helped to unleash. Republicans, unfortunately, see the Teabaggers as the only game in town. So rather than rein in the monster in their midst, they, just as they did with the religious right before them, aid and abet it until one day it gets a bit too big and loud and powerful for comfort.

Republicans and Democrats are united in their lack of will or desire to do anything about the incivility that is being unleashed. And thus it grows, and will continue to until something gives.

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