Does Sarah Palin realize how bizarre her statements were in Hong Kong?

Sarah Palin is always good for a laugh, especially when she has no idea how silly she sounds. (Her being out of any office of significance when she says things like this is much funnier than if she was in power.) Talking about “liberalism” may play well in Alaska or the south but it doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning abroad. In France or other countries, for example, being in favor of liberalism means you support conservative business practices as opposed to being a leftist. The previous PM of Australia, John Howard, was the Liberal Party leader and few would confuse Howard with a leftist. Many in the crowd must have been nodding their heads in agreement that yes, she’s pretty much as stupid as advertised.

And then there’s the good old health care debate. Sure, China is ranked lower than the US by the WHO for its health care but the company that hosted the event, CLSA, have offices throughout the region including Japan, Australia and Singapore, all of which have healthcare systems ranked above the US market. Again, her attacks on the system play well to fellow bumpkins but she was speaking to an educated crowd where demonizing national health care does not register.

On the subject of China, it could have been much worse. Warning about China to those working in a region that relies heavily on doing business with China is a bit amusing. Even the Australian economy hitched onto that wagon a while back, and it has served their economy well even with the strange actions related to Rio Tinto.

The winner of the day though has to be her remark about government interference causing the global recession. Huh? Regardless of how much the bankers may have swindled everyone else, it’s a stretch to believe that anyone in the financial sector honestly believes that government interference triggered the collapse. What in the world is she even talking about? Palin’s speech was standard for her normal Teabagging crowd but she sounded like a clueless bumpkin overseas. Is that what she thought would create international credibility? Then again, her supporters are clueless enough to fall for most anything, and that’s all that matters for her.

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