DeMint: Obama ‘Puts Our Troops At Risk’ By Working On Health Reform

Specifically, he said that Obama is trying to jam health care reform down our throats, and that Obama is listening too much to the left. In fact, Obama has shown outright disdain for the left, and rather than jamming health care reform on anyone, he’s caved on his biggest promises regarding that reform in an effort to woo the mystical bipartisanship. What this lesson teaches us is that Obama is going to be called a liberal shill no matter how much he ignores the core constituencies of the Democratic party. He’s going to be called mean and authoritarian regardless of how nice he tries to be to the GOP. It does not pay to gear your actions towards avoiding GOP criticism. They will criticize you regardless. The best you can do is stick to your principles, and promises, and remember who brung you to the dance in the first place.

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