Whose side are Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) and Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) on in the health insurance reform debate? Not their constituents.

It’s been maddening to watch Democrats on Capitol Hill undermine the health insurance reform agenda. Two of the biggest culprits are Senator Max Baucus, who basically gave all control of the process to Republican Chuck Grassley, and Blue Dog Rep. Jim Cooper, who helped kill health care reform back in 1994.

The question is: who are they representing in this discussion? Thanks to polling from DailyKos, we now know for sure, those two aren’t representing their constituents.

On Baucus, after looking at the numbers, which showed more Montanans disapprove of his actions on health care and a plurality, by a 47% – 43% margin, want a public option, Markos asked:

So who is Baucus working for? The Republicans in (and outside) his state? The health care insurance companies that have purchased his Senate seat?

The DailyKos poll numbers for Cooper are even worse. 60% of his constituents disapprove of Cooper’s actions on health care and 61% want a public option. Also, this is key info. about Cooper’s district:

This is a Democratic district. Obama won it easily 56-43. Even John Kerry won it in 2004.

With that in mind, Jane Hamsher highlights one of the key findings: Cooper has a 16% approval on health care from Democrats in this very Democratic district. Cooper has made himself vulnerable.

All we’ve asked from Obama is to enact the agenda he promised us. That’s all we want from Democrats on the Hill, too. It’s what their constituents want. But, Baucus and Cooper, among others, have sold out to the insurance industry and the GOP.

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