Sam Stein: Race-Based Protests Directed At Obama Continue To Rise

From Sam Stein at Huff Post:

Race-based attacks and criticism of President Obama have been on the rise during the dog days of August. And they’re not just happening at health care town hall protests.

A reader sent over a picture of a group of protesters camped outside Rep. Susan Davis’s (D-Calif.). “Neighborhood Day” event this past week, brandishing signs calling the president a Black Supremacist and suggesting he’s a Nazi disciple.

What’s most disturbing is that these people are no longer the wacky fringe. They’re the mainstay, the base, of the GOP. A decade ago Republicans had only the religious right’s wackiness to deal with. Now they have conspiracy nuts and outright racists regularly representing them at political events, and Republican members of Congress inciting, and embracing, the violent nuts.

What’s truly shocking is that Republicans are still comparing our president to Hitler, and no one on the left has yet figured out how to capitalize on this. How many times do you think we’d have gotten away with comparing George Bush to Hitler? In fact, the answer is: Zero. MoveOn was perpetually blamed for comparing Bush to Hitler, when in fact MoveOn did nothing of the kind. The Republicans wanted to scare MoveOn, and more importantly, hurt MoveOn’s brand among Democrats. And to some degree it worked. And what do Democrats do when Republicans actually, repeatedly, compare our president to Hitler?


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