GOP congressman praises, defends, man for calling himself a “proud right wing terrorist”

Imagine a Democratic House member praising a liberal for calling himself a terrorist, then defending it. You really have to hear this guy, it’s not clear what country Republicans think they live in anymore. Huff Post has the video.



It was a comment from the crowd that may have gone unnoticed. A Redding man, identified as Bert Stead of Redding told a town hall meeting in Redding last week, “I”m a proud right wing terrorist.”

Congressman Wally Herger, who represents the district, didn’t interrupt or condemn the comment. In response, Herger said, “Amen. God bless you. There’s a great American.”

Now democrats are calling for an apology from Herger.

Apologize? The House should be censuring him. What would do the Republicans do if a Democrat had done this? We keep thinking the Democratic side of our brain – that would be the anemic side – and it has to stop. These outbursts need to be used against the GOP in a huge manner. Not just by getting the blogs to blast them, but senior members of our government need to weigh in, just as the GOP would do.

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