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Palin says she’s a fighter, not a quitter.

Pawlenty, another possible 2012 GOP contender, subtly questions Palin’s move.

Palin says she won’t run for prez in 2012, then says she might. Makes odd fish analogy.

First Dudette says ethics complaints led to her resignation. I suspect that’s closer to the truth than she’s admitting. Meaning, I still think someone worked out a deal that Palin resigns and they drop the charges. You just don’t resign abruptly on a Friday night before a major holiday unless you are trying to bury bad news. If Palin thought she were being a hero, and saving her state, and jump-starting her 2012 campaign, she’d have hired a band and bought balloons. This is not someone who shuns publicity when she thinks she’s being feisty. She clearly thinks she’s in trouble, and thus the odd timing of the announcement.

Politico on Sarah Palin’s lame lame-duck excuse. (So, had Palin won the election and not chose to run for a second term, would she have resigned the vice presidency?)

Richard Cohen thinks the Palin pick shows that the GOP has lost its mind:

It would behoove us, though, to consider how close we all came to utter disaster — the “counterfactual” suggested above. A recent Vanity Fair article clarifies just how awful a vice president (or president) Palin would have made. During the campaign, she proved allergic to briefings and remained determined to stay uncorrupted by knowledge. More recently, she explained her decision to — permit me some GOP talk — cut and run as Alaska governor by lapsing into no known language, explaining herself afterward in a burst of Tweets that only raised more questions. One question, though, has been settled: She is unfit for office.

Naming Palin to the GOP ticket — a top-down choice by McCain — was the most reckless decision any national politician has made in the longest time, and while it certainly says something about McCain, it says even more about his party. It has lost its mind.

USNews says Palin’s excuse for quitting has Republicans perplexed:

Condemning the “MSM” is often good politics on the Republican right, where the media are seen as hopelessly biased against conservatives. But GOP strategists say Palin went too far, seeming to say that she could no longer abide criticism from the media—and from her political opponents on the left. Prominent Republicans wondered how she would do in the hothouse environment of a campaign if she ran for president and how she would stand up to the harsh treatment every president eventually gets once in office.

Eugene Robinson says John McCain owes us all an apology:

You can say that all of us who ever took Sarah Palin seriously — or pretended to take her seriously — should be deeply ashamed. And you can say that John McCain should publicly apologize for putting the nation he loves at risk by choosing Palin as his running mate. Imagining Palin within a heartbeat of the presidency should be enough to make even die-hard Republicans shudder.

The reasons she gave for stepping down are not just contrived or implausible but literally nonsensical. She can most effectively serve the people of Alaska by ceasing to exercise the powers of chief executive? She worries that as a lame duck she would somehow be compelled to waste taxpayer money on useless junkets? In her “Don’t Cry For Me, Alaska” news conference announcing her departure, the folksy non sequiturs — “Only dead fish go with the flow” — were like nuggets of Cartesian logic amid a tub of mush.

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