Greg needs convincing

I just got the following email from reader Greg. Interestingly, this is the kind of thing a number of Democrats were talking about at the height of the Bush regime. It’s sad that under the Obama presidency some minds are going there again.

Dear John and company,

I’ve been an avid follower of Americablog for several years now. I’ve trusted the opinion of you and your fellow reporters on many wide ranging topics. I may not always agree with you folks, but I do listen and think about the information you provide.

Recently my partner and I have been growing more and more despondent over the current state of the nation and the direction it is going. We both feel that our votes for Barak Obama, votes we were proud to cast for the very first American of African decent to run for president, were in vain. We have watched over the last eight years as the US has become the antithesis of what we feel our fathers and grandfathers fought for. Then, with the new hope of Obama and a Democratic majority, we thought the clouds had broken and reason had finally returned to Washington. We thought that this nation was finally going to see direct, strong and decisive progressive action that would catch us up with the rest of the industrialized world. But more and more we see that this administration is following the terrible examples set by its predecessor and that the Democratic Party has moved so far to the right that we cannot, in good faith, support it any longer. It is almost like what we fought for was not a new progressive century but a return to politics from the 80s and 90s. Gay rights, corporate welfare, lobbyists, universal health care, smart drug law, support for the middle class and their jobs and all the other progressive issues seem to not even be on the table anymore or have been so castrated that they no longer resemble the change we were promised. This is not what my time, effort and money were supposed to do.

I’m sitting here looking at information I just received from the Danish Consulate stating that I, as well as my partner, qualify for working in and possibly gaining citizenship in Denmark. Please John, Chris, Joe and the others, convince us to stay. Convince us to fight. Convince us that this nation is worth living in now that all of our hopes have been shattered. We love America, we feel great pride for our nation sometimes, but not enough to justify staying here when there are other nations that have gotten the issues so right while we get them so wrong.


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