DNC may have lied about $1m take from fundraiser; DNC insider says blogs are right on party’s intentions towards gays

Gee, no one could have guessed that one. Pam has a source inside the DNC that says they’re lucky if they raised $250,000, not $1m. Pam’s source also says that the DNC has pretty much written off doing anything of substance on gay issues until after “the election” – not clear if that means waiting until 2011, 2013, or the end of the Obama administration in 2016.

Pam’s insider adds:

[T]he blogs are closer to the truth [on how the Dems plan to handle gay issues] than the party wants us to know. They used the blogs to their advantage during the election, and now they’re trying to figure out how to control what’s become a nuisance for them. The current method for the fundraiser is by not telling the truth.

The Democratic party finds you and your civil rights a nuisance.

UPDATE: Mike Signorile has also been investigating the claims about the DNC fundraiser and the alleged $1 million raised. He’s been asking a lot of questions, but getting no answers.

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