Democrat Congressman Mike Ross (AR) vows to kill health care reform if he doesn’t get his way.

This is the exact problem we’ve been warning about. Democrats will kill health care reform. It’s the damn Blue Dogs, led by Rep. Mike Ross (D-AR):

Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross, who has been negotiating the legislation on behalf of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition, went a step further, telling reporters Wednesday that he has enough votes at this point to defeat the bill when it comes up for a vote in the Energy and Commerce Committee unless drastic changes are made.

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) promised to work with Ross and others before he brings the bill up for a vote.

“We’re going to have to work together,” Waxman told a group of reporters asking about the Ross threat.

How sick is that? Ross said he’d defeat the signature issue of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. How very GOP of him, really. And, he is counting on all the Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to vote with him to defeat the bill.

The insurance industry and Republicans must be laughing their asses off. Here’s a Democrat willing to kill reform unless he gets his way. Ross and his fellow Blue Dogs are doing the dirty work for the insurance lobby and the GOP. Now, the insurance lobbyists and GOPers really want to kill reform. But, one other option is to get a bill that gives even more power and profits to the insurance companies. Or, they can just push for a really crappy bill that won’t work, thus destroying the credibility of Democrats on health care reform for decades. Seems like Ross and the Blue Dogs are willing pawns in that game.

Ross should know better. But, he’s not alone. We promised to name names of those who are trying to block real reform. I’ve been rooting around to find a list of Democrats who should be doing the right thing, but aren’t. The list of Democrats who are willing to do the GOP’s dirty work, maybe unwittingly, but that doesn’t matter, includes: Barrow (GA), Boucher (VA), Gordon (TN), Hill (IN), Kind (WI), Matheson (UT), Melancon (LA), Pomeroy (ND), Space (OH), Stupak (MI) and Tanner (TN). If any of these guys represent you, call their offices. The Hill switchboard is 202-225-3121. Or get the local numbers via the House website. Don’t be shy about calling. These guys are getting plenty of love from the insurance industry lobbyists. Actually, check the list of House members who serve on Energy and Commerce. They all need calls to say support the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act — and don’t kill real reform.

We can’t let Democrats be the death of real health care reform. (One does wish the progressive Democrats would play hard ball like the Blue Dogs do.)

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