White House gay call participant: “What a waste of time. They took 3 questions, two of which were uncritical.”

Well that didn’t go so well. You’ll recall that the White House Deputy Chief of Staff and political director held a call earlier today with the DNC’s gay caucus, in the hopes of… well, it’s not quite clear what the White House was hoping. Judging by the report I got from someone who was on the call, things went pretty much how the White House wanted them to go:

“What a waste of time. They took 3 questions, two of which were uncritical.”

So, there you have it. The White House said nothing new, and only one of the dozen or so DNC gay caucus members spoke up for us.

Not to mention, three questions? Three lousy questions is all we get? Or worse, maybe they were permitted to ask more questions, but only three of our caucus members were even interested in asking anything about this entire controversy? And two of the three questions were uncritical?

Maybe you have some questions for the members of the DNC gay caucus. Post them in the comments, I’ll be publishing the best ones. And rest assured, we’ll be printing more than three.

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