White House admits Obama “benefits” speech simply political ploy, plan still being created after it was already announced

A rather blockbuster NYT story in tomorrow’s paper about Obama’s ploy to win back the gays by offering some federal employees some benefits (but not all, including no health coverage).

The White House actually admitted to the NYT that they were offering the benefits to help contain the “growing furor among gay rights groups.” How about doing it because it’s the right thing to do? How about doing it because you were already planning to do it to help our community, because you recognize us as human beings? We kept being told, fret not, we have a secret plan for your civil rights – now it seems, not so much:

But administration officials said the timing of the announcement was intended to help contain the growing furor among gay rights groups. Several gay donors withdrew their sponsorship of a Democratic National Committee fund-raising event next week, where Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is scheduled to speak.

Just as bad, it seems they came up with this proposal on the fly. In spite of the fact that for a while they’ve been hinting that they’d do this, the NYT discovered that the details of the “plan” haven’t even been decided, yet the White House is already announcing it publicly.

The breadth and scope of the memorandum to be signed by Mr. Obama was being completed Tuesday evening, said administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid upstaging the president’s announcement on Wednesday.

With all due respect, don’t our civil rights deserve a bit more attention than some kluge thrown together at the last minute to save a cocktail party?

This is simply more evidence that the White House never had a plan to act on our civil rights, to act on the president’s promises (none of which have been fulfilled, or even addressed). They’re simply winging it with our rights.

(Pam Spaulding observes that it’s “amateur hour” at the White House.)

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