Tony Blair sought to keep Iraq investigation secret

The bid for the EU presidency takes another hit for the egomaniac. Blair is right up there with the most cynical politicians who was so sure he would be the new Churchill after cruising to an easy victory. We heard tall tales of doom if we did not go to war but it was all part of the plan to glorify Blair and Bush, if it panned out. The Indpendent:

It is understood that Mr Blair did not ask Mr Brown directly but through intermediaries, who asked Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, to urge the Prime Minister to hold a secret inquiry.

Downing Street sources were quoted last week as saying the Prime Minister had considered holding it in public, and Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and a close ally of Mr Brown, said he backed a more “open” inquiry.

The revelation will raise further questions over Mr Brown’s authority and suggests how keen he is not to upset Mr Blair and his allies. It came as Mr Brown told The Guardian yesterday that he could “walk away from all of this tomorrow”, in a sign of the intense pressure he is under.

Supporters of Mr Blair, meanwhile, said there was a fear that the former prime minister being hauled before a public court would end up with him falling victim to “mob justice”.

As opposed to mob rule with getting into the war? I distinctly remember the thugs forcing this war and smearing anyone who questioned it. The Blair “mob rule” was worse because it was all about finding a way for the posh-talking huckster to sell the invasion of a country and killing innocent people. The mob rule that he’s upset with today is about saving his own political future. Next thing you know he will try to hide his history if raising a hundred million dollars by working for the same global banks that destroyed the global economy. Nothing is ever enough for this guy.

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