Poll: Americans unimpressed with Obama on economy

To be fair to Obama, the economic problems are not his and another poll out today shows that Americans understand that point. Where Americans are uncomfortable is the Detroit bailout and the increasing budget deficit. On the deficit, Obama has not done a great job talking this point through with Americans so far. During the Reagan recession, it took a year and a half to see positive movement and the economy – especially the US economy – does not turn on a dime. The Republicans have definitely out maneuvered Democrats on this subject who have failed to talk openly and confidently about this needing time. Fixing years of mismanagement doesn’t happen in a day.

The Obama health care reform is also struggling with support and again, the Democrats have failed to provide a very clear message. Americans understand the system is not working Democrats have not properly made the case yet. It doesn’t help that they are moving in every direction including their bipartisan rubbish that again, is not offering real change. They are allowing Republicans and the insurance industry to control the dialog instead of talking about facts. Somehow Obama and the Democrats fail to see the election results from November when voters demanded change and want action.

A substantial majority of Americans say President Obama has not developed a strategy to deal with the budget deficit, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, which also found that support for his plans to overhaul health care, rescue the auto industry and close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, falls well below his job approval ratings.

A distinct gulf exists between Mr. Obama’s overall standing and how some of his key initiatives are viewed, with fewer than half of Americans saying they approve of how he has handled health care and the effort to save General Motors and Chrysler. A majority of people said his policies have had either no effect yet on improving the economy or had made it worse, underscoring how his political strength still rests on faith in his leadership rather than concrete results.

Promoting the new stimulus bill is going to be a struggle unless Obama starts leading and delivering a clear message. Swatting flies is cute and it may be receiving plenty of attention online but there are bigger flies to swat out there that are much more serious.

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