Obama open to limiting malpractice payouts as Democrats wobble on compromise

None of this sounds like it’s going down a very good path. Caving on malpractice suits and buying into one of the cornerstones of Republican (and doctors) reasons against health care reform is a major worry. While there may be exceptions this has generally been dramatized by those fighting against all change. Obama continues to reach out to the right and the Democratic rank looks dangerously close to crumbling in Congress.

If we’re just nice to them, maybe it will all work out for the best. We’re seeing much too much of this mindset in too many fronts (like banking) and the end results are likely to be the same. Good for industry and not so good for everyone else. And I thought we voted for change. Ha.

With Republicans fighting the idea of a government-run health insurance plan, members of President Barack Obama’s team said Sunday that they are open to a compromise: a cooperative program that would expand coverage with taxpayer money but without direct governmental control.

Congress begins work this week on putting Obama’s goal of universal health coverage into law. Some lawmakers are expected to introduce specific plans that run counter to Obama’s political promises.

The concessions could be the smoothest way to deliver the bipartisan health care legislation the administration seeks by its self-imposed August deadline, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said.

“Smoothest way” is a gentler way of saying “half assed and worthless” I believe.

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