Obama admin refusing to enforce immigration law

No, not the HIV travel ban – they’re still enforcing that. It’s another immigration law that unfairly deports the foreign-born spouses of Americans who die in the first years of their marriage. The Obama administration is going to defer enforcement of that law until Congress can fix it in a few years.

Then why not defer enforcement of the HIV ban? Why not defer the deportation of the foreign-born partners of gay Americans? Why not defer enforcement of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with a stop-loss order? Why not defer filing anti-gay briefs in support of DOMA? We’ve been told that in each case it’s because “it’s the law, and there’s nothing President Obama can do when a law tells him what to do.” And, Obama also adds that it would be inappropriate to order a stop-gap solution now, short of a full legislation fix. Same thing for health benefits for same-sex couples who federal employees. Remember, they said DOMA prevents that.

Actually, we now know that the only time President Obama pleads impotence, the only time our president refuses to lift a finger in the face of the law, is when the victim is gay.

So, in a nutshell, they lied to us again.

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