Noon news update

Ahmadinejad’s “victory” complicates Obama’s effort to reach out to Iran.

Tapper at ABC has lots of Iran updates, starting with yesterday morning, to give you a nice overview of just what happened yesterday.

How long until CIA Director Panetta apologizes to Dick Cheney?

South Carolina Republican apologizes for saying that Michelle Obama was descended from gorillas. (Surprise, a southerner.)

Health care costs are killing small businesses. Maybe if we just give Blue Cross another chance, which is what Democrats are talking of doing by killing the public option, the miserly insurance profiteers will find their hearts growing three times that day.

Newsweek: How lost are the Republicans? They’re looking to Newt for answers.

Time for Norm Coleman to concede.

Cynthia Tucker: Republicans caused the budget deficit.

Iranians twittering their own revolution, very cool.

Shorter Republicans: Reagan, meh.

Shorter Democrats: When the cats away…

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