Nobody, Limbaugh, Newt and Cheney are viewed by Republicans as their leaders – and Nobody is in front by far

When we say the GOP is led by Rush, Newt and Cheney, we’re not making it up. According to the Gallup’s polling, Republicans see it that way. But, more see no leader at all:

Asked to name the “main person who speaks for the Republican Party today,” Republicans across the country are most likely to name three men: Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and Dick Cheney. Democrats are most likely to say Limbaugh speaks for the GOP, followed by Cheney. Both Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly say Barack Obama is the main person who speaks for the Democratic Party, although Republicans are significantly more likely than Democrats to mention Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

These results are based on an open-ended question included in a May 29-31 USA Today/Gallup poll. It comes as the Republican Party is attempting to regroup after losing last November’s presidential election, and is looking for ways to reorganize and strengthen in time for the 2010 midterm elections.

The responses to the Republican leadership question provide hard evidence that there is in fact a significant leadership vacuum confronting the GOP today. Forty-seven percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents could not come up with a single name in response to the party spokesperson question

So, more Republicans see no leader than Limbaugh, Cheney and Newt. Both are bad, not sure which is worse.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent made a good catch. No one named Palin as leader of the GOP:

One other interesting tidbit: There’s one Republican who would perhaps like to be seen as speaking for the party more than anyone else right now. And she wasn’t named at all by either national adults or Republicans and Republican leaners, even though she was on the national ticket less than a year ago.

Given all the drama surrounding Palin of late, she’s certainly been in the news a lot. The D.C. media types can’t get enough of her. But, Republicans don’t see her as a leader.

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