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Hundreds of thousands protest in Iran, again.

Great article in the NYT about Obama’s same-sex benefits signing yesterday. Very few journalists have seen through the BS like the Times on this story (well, Tapper at ABC has been great, as has Ben Smith at Politico and Greg Sargent at, among others).

Dan Froomkin out at Washington Post. We really like Dan, and loved his column.

CBS News reports on how well Obama’s memo signing worked yesterday. The report is brutal (how often do you hear the words “incest” and “Obama” in the same news segment – twice! Watch it.

How Twitter took down Iran’s propaganda army. Fascinating.

Gay tsunami slams Obama. Gay journalist Rex Wockner sums up the quotes from gay leaders on the Obama mess:

Where to start? What has he done that’s good? He issued a nice proclamation for pride month and he extended a few spousal benefits to federal employees’ same-sex partners — sick leave and long-term care insurance, for example, but not health coverage, which he said June 17 is not within his power. That’s the good news — all of it.

NYT editorial says Obama’s mini-me benefits memo was nice, but not nearly enough.

The Stonewall Riots police reports are online. Ah, yes, back when authority figures didn’t respect our civil rights.

David Link’s take on Obama’s gay debacle. Two favorite parts:

What he did is satisfying enough, if you’re among the 2% of American workers who are federal employees, and also among the 3% or so of them who are homosexual, and also among the unknown percent of them who have a committed partner. I’m not a mathematician, but I believe the overlap of these three circles in a Venn Diagram would be quite small….

[T]he President’s compelled performance [at the gay memo signing yesterday] was matched by those in our community who had to grit their teeth and act as if they were grateful. Rea Carey, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force did everything but blink out S.O.S. with her eyelids in supporting the memo.

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