More bodies, Air France wreckage found

The difficult search is collecting more pieces to the puzzle. To follow up on John’s post last night about the families, I know a little about such situations. My brother had been killed by a drunk driver and due to the nature of the accident, they were unable to confirm that it was him for days. Even though all evidence pointed to it being him my parents had to provide detailed records to confirm with the coroner. Without that final confirmation, we all also held out hope that somehow it was all just a big mistake. It was an awful period for us as a family so my heart really goes out to the families involved here. (My brother would have been 50 yesterday.)

It’s sad news but still a relief to know for sure. CNN:

Sixteen bodies have been recovered from last week’s crash of an Air France jetliner in the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil’s military announced Monday.

The Brazilian navy and air force said they have found nine bodies in the wide search area around where the Airbus A330-200 went down. The crew of a French vessel taking part in the search has found seven bodies, military officials told reporters Sunday evening.

Air France Flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic early June 1. The jet was en route to Paris, France, from the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro with 228 passengers and crew aboard.

The bodies were found floating about 1,100 kilometers (700 miles) from the Brazilian coast. Items found in the same area Saturday were confirmed to have come from the jet, including pieces of the aircraft’s wing section, luggage and a leather briefcase containing an airplane ticket with a reservation code for the doomed flight, Brazilian air force spokesman Jorge Amaral told CNN.

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