Iran in turmoil, Ahmadinejad reportedly steals election after opposition told it won

Joe and I have been understandably focused on the Obama administration’s ongoing betrayal of the gay community, but yes there has been other news. Particularly in Iran, which just had an election, and is, according to some observers, heading to a civil war. Nico at Huffington Post has been liveblogging the protests in the country today. Rather than play catch up, just go and read Nico’s coverage. Also check out Steve Clemons at the Washington Note – Steve is one of the best foreign policy experts in the blogosphere. He is extensively covering the Iranian turmoil, based on many of his own personal Irani political contacts.

I’m watching CNN, and surfing the Web, to get up to speed. And never fear, we’ll have lots more coverage tomorrow of Obama’s betrayal, including the question: Why hasn’t the gay congressional leadership (Tammy, Barney and Jared) said boo about the hate-brief?

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