Insurance industry front group admits nearly 120m Americans would prefer federally-run health care

I’m not sure why this little bombshell hasn’t gotten more attention.

The Republicans, not surprisingly, are trying to scare Americans out of reforming the health care system. One “fact” they love to cite? That 120m Americans will lose their health care coverage if the Democrats are able to give Americans the same health care coverage that members of Congress have – i.e., a federal plan, or “public option,” in which you get great benefits at a low cost. Republican Congressman Paul Ryan made the claim today, and Mike Pence did it last month.

So I decided to read up on the “study” the GOP is citing. And what did I find (via the link above)? Not only is the “study” prepared by an insurance company’s own “think tank,” but the study doesn’t say that 120 million Americans will lose their private health coverage if a public option is enacted into law. The study say that 120 million Americans will choose to leave their private insurance coverage and take the public plan instead, because it’s cheaper.

In other words, a GOP-style study admits that, if given the choice, Americans would flock to a public plan.

Tell me again why Obama and the Dems in Congress are being so reticent about pushing harder for a fully public option when even the insurance industry’s own think tank says Americans would prefer it?

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