Dem Senators: White House Open To Dropping Public Option

The public option is so gay.

Canaries in the coal mine, folks. Joe and I have spent so much time writing about Obama’s betrayal of the gay community, not simply because it’s an issue we care about. But because it’s indicative of who Obama is. We are learning something about our president. And while it’s not clear if Obama lied during the election about what a “fierce advocate” he’d be for gay rights, or whether he was being truthful but now has let “practical” advisers overrule his own agenda, the point is that we learned that President Obama is someone who is willing to go back on his word to a major constituency on several major promises – in fact, he’s willing to undercut that constituency on those promises. That’s a dangerous sign. To us, and to the GOP. After all, going back on his word is just another way of saying “caves under pressure.”

First they caved on the gays, then they caved on health care, then they caved on immigration, then they caved on Iraq, then they caved on choice…

We are all in this together.

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