Boehlert: “Militia-style vigilante rhetoric has become a cornerstone of the conservative media movement in America”

Eric Boehlert at Media Matters on O’Reilly’s incendiary rhetoric and the abortion doctor murder:

Please note what you did not hear from virtually anyone on the far right who addressed the Tiller story last week. Yes, they tried furiously to distance Bill O’Reilly from the controversy or suggest there was nothing problematic with the “baby killer” rhetoric he used. But what you did not hear was anyone condemn, or even take issue with, O’Reilly’s on-air crusade.

Why the silence? Because militia-style vigilante rhetoric has become a cornerstone of the conservative media movement in America, and it’s now proudly championed by Fox News on a nearly hourly basis.

Eric raises another point that I’ve heard mentioned repeatedly:

Noise Machine leaders claimed that liberal commentators do exactly what O’Reilly and Beck have been accused of: using violent political hate language that puts people’s lives in danger. That claim has been made over and over, yet conservatives can’t actually produce any proof — can’t find any hateful liberal quotes — to buttress the claim.

That’s because both talking points are complete fabrications.

Republicans, when pressed about how hateful their intellectual leaders like Limbaugh, Savage, Medved, Beck, and Coulter are, like to respond by claiming that liberals are just as hateful. They then cite Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. Yes, Jesse Jackson made some pretty hateful statements about Jews… back in the 1980s. He’s now never even heard from in Democratic circles. He’s hardly a leader of the party. Al Sharpton? Funny man, but same as Jackson, irrelevant on the national scene. Which leaves us Michael Moore. First off, Moore doesn’t keynote Democratic party events across the country. He’s hardly the intellectual leader of the party that Limbaugh is to Republicans. (You won’t be seeing the chair of the Democratic party reflexively apologizing to Michael Moore any time soon.) Second, when has Michael Moore said anything hateful? Sure, you may not like his criticism of Republicans, but we’re not talking simple criticism. We’re talking the sexism, racism, homophobia, and overall hate and rage that pours forth from Republican intellectual leaders on a daily basis. There simply is no one on the Democratic side to compare.

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