Biden doesn’t get it

Biden yesterday about the gay brouhaha:

“I am not unaware of the controversies swirling around this dinner,” Biden said, “swirling around the speed — or lack thereof — that we’re moving on issues that are of great importance to you and, quite frankly, to me and to the President and to millions of Americans.”

No, it’s not the lack of speed. It’s the fact that you compared us to pedophiles and incest. The fact that you’re still kicking out two gay service members a day, and that you have the power to implement a stop-loss order immediately.

The sad part is, it’s actually possible that no one even told him what the problem actually is.

The DNC is spinning the event as a million dollar fundraiser. We’ve seen reports that there were 180 people there — and not sure all of them paid. Rumors are the haul was probably closer to $250,000, which is still a lot of money. We’ll have to see if today’s spin matches the actual numbers. The DNC has to file FEC reports every month. The next reporting deadline is Tuesday, June 30th. So, we’ll see the reports in July. Then, we’ll know who gave and how much.

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