White House reiterates its commitment to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

It’s been a disturbing 24 hours. But the White House has just updated its Web site to indicate that it continues to support the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

There was some concern that the Obama administration was backing off the President’s repeated promise to lift the ban after the White House Web site yesterday changed its commitment to “repeal” DADT to a promise to only “change” the policy in a “sensible way.” This led many observers, including the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, to worry whether the White House was backing off of its repeated commitment to, as President Obama himself promised, “fully repeal” the DADT policy.

The White House Web site has now been updated, again, and the “repeal” language is back. And while it’s couched in the same terms about being done in a “sensible way,” I would assume that all administration policy is implemented in a “sensible way,” so this should have no bearing on whether President Obama will keep his promise to fully repeal the ban.

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