Tales of bad bosses

Perhaps we see more of these stories now that we’re in recession but that’s probably only because we have fewer job options today. There are always going to be nasty bosses who somehow manage to rise through the ranks. One of my worst experiences was a boss who loved having a long line of people sitting outside of his office. (Oh the productivity of such long waits.) After picking apart whatever anyone had to say, he saved the worst for that brief moment when you were leaving and the next person was entering the office. Even though you knew it was coming – he was consistent after all – it was infuriating to be ripped in front of others. The only consolation was that that person was about to be ripped in front of the next person.

The upside was that he ran away everyone good so he had to settle for the classic desperation hires. He ended up bringing in a tag team who drove the company into the ground and lined their pockets along the way with business that never existed. They were pretty nasty themselves including infamous screaming tirades. The kind where faces turn red and you see the veins pop out. Oh the memories. So anyone have any tales of especially good or especially bad bosses?

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