Rush fires back at GOP Senator Cornyn and compares Sotomayor to David Duke

This morning, I wrote about Senator Cornyn’s criticism of Rush and Newt. It wasn’t a very strong condemnation, but Cornyn ventured into that dangerous territory for Republicans — criticizing Rush:

How long before Cornyn has to apologize? The new commandment for Republicans is that no one shall ever criticize Rush. And, it’s perfect that he complained about Rush and Newt on NPR, a station which most conservatives loathe.

Try as he might, the Texas Senator doesn’t deliver the GOP message. Rush and Newt do. And, there’s nothing Cornyn can do about it.

No surprise, Rush didn’t take it well. He clearly has Cornyn in his sights. Courtesy of Media Matters:

Rush is just playing with Cornyn now. It’s going to get uglier. Keep in mind, Cornyn runs the campaign committee for the Senate Republicans. He needs to have a happy base of contributors — and for most of them, Rush is their one true leader. We all know Cornyn is going to have really get on his knees and beg for Rush’s forgiveness. No Republican can ever defy Rush. No Republican ever really will.

Meanwhile, Rush upped the ante of ugliness today, too. He compared Sotomayor to notorious white supremacist and former GOP candidate, David Duke. Seriously.

UPDATE: Noting that Rush compared Sotomayor to David Duke, Eric Kleefeld at TPM asks the right question:

So why isn’t he supporting her?

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