More GOP Cheney bashing

From Greg Sargent:

The latest: GOP strategist Ed Rollins, who smacked Cheney on Friday night in a little noticed comment on CNN. “Well, he’s giving [the GOP] a voice, defending what he has done and I think to a certain extent that’s his right,” Rollins said, according to Nexis. But he added:

“He’s not helping the Republican Party long-term because we need to look forward, we don’t need to look back…the bottom line is, we need to move forward.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rollins appeared to show frustration about this problem during a heated exchange with Dem strategist Robert Zimmerman, exhorting that “you got to forget George Bush. George Bush is gone.”

Of course, what’s interesting is that both new Republicans (those who want to reach out to moderates and get away from the conservatives) and old Republicans (the conservatives) distance themselves from Bush. But not from Cheney. The conservatives still like Cheney. Ironically, they probably think that Cheney didn’t have enough influence in the Bush administration, and that’s why Bush didn’t do so well – if only he’d been more true to conservative principles… That the GOP civil war/bloodletting has now moved in the direction of Cheney is quite interesting. Of course, Cheney invited it, with his unusual grandstanding as a recently ex-VP.

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