Funny, Bill O’Reilly didn’t think gay marriage was wrong in 2002

Bill O’Reilly went off the other night about how gay marriage could lead to goat, duck, dolphin and turtle marriage – oh yeah, and polygamy. It’s funny, then, that back in 2002, Bill O’Reilly told my friend Michael Giltz in a bombshell interview for the Advocate that he couldn’t care less about the issue of gay marriage. At first, O’Reilly told Michael that he was opposed to gay marriage. Then when pushed by the reporter, O’Reilly finally conceded:

“Look, I couldn’t care less, to tell you the truth…. You want to get married? Knock yourself out. Go to Vegas. Have a good time. If you can get that changed, I’m not going to jump up and down and say I think it’s wrong, because I don’t.”

This was the same interview in which O’Reilly referred to anti-gay religious right activists as “fanatics” and “holy rollers” who were a bit “ridiculous.” O’Reilly went on to express his support for laws protecting gays in the workplace and more. Shortly after that, O’Reilly ripped a religious right representative, on camera.

Well, the religious right went nuts. And suddenly, Bill O’Reilly had an epiphany. Suddenly, after being harshly criticized by the “fanatics” for being too tolerant, Bill O’Reilly became very anti-gay again. Imagine that.

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