Unpopular and ineffective Sarkozy rips world leaders

Oh the irony. Unable to accomplish anything of significance despite big promises, Sarko is now criticizing other world leaders including Obama. Maybe this is how he thinks it will be possible to get his own approval above 40% or somehow help make him more popular. Heck, if it helps him accomplish something – anything at all – go for it. To say that he has been a disappointment to those who voted for him would be an understatement. For those who voted against him or abstained he’s been even worse.

According to those present at the lunch, an intra-parliamentary group of 24 politicians working on the global financial crisis, the host’s unusual political candour began with the US president, whose star status and media adulation he is understood to envy.

“He said that Obama had a subtle intelligence but that he was recently elected and had never run a state or an authority before,” Jean-Pierre Brard, a Communist MP, told the Guardian. Another guest quoted Sarkozy in the Libération newspaper as saying: “There are numerous things on which he [Obama] hasn’t got a position and … he is not always up to scratch with decisions and efficiency.”

Enjoying his chance to cast himself as the hero of the global fight against the downturn, Sarkozy ploughed on with some barbed comments about Merkel’s leadership during the crisis.

There is a belief here that he’s been at the forefront of the crisis despite campaigning and then starting his term promoting “the American model.” It’s a nice story and many believe it but it’s difficult to see the facts that support this theory.

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