Rick Warren suddenly cancels ABC appearance

At the very last minute, with no warning, he canceled on Stephanopoulos, on Easter Sunday no less, due to “exhaustion.” Hmm… Stephanopoulos didn’t sound convinced. Nor am I. It’s Easter Sunday. Warren was going to be on ABC’s This Week, doing his schtick as “America’s Pastor.” This was a big opportunity for him, on the biggest Christian day of the year (at least in my church, Easter is bigger than Christmas). And suddenly he cancels.

I suspect that Warren might have been worried that Stephanopoulos would ask him about the Moonie Times article in which top religious right leaders are slamming Warren for backing away from his previous anti-gay activism. While I think it’s even odds that Stephanopoulos wouldn’t have even gone there, it being Easter Sunday and all (not that that’s a good reason to play softball with a guest, but I still think it would have happened) it looks as though Warren wasn’t willing to risk it.

The dynamics are fascinating.

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