Republicans now decide who is a real Catholic

As we’ve written many, many times, Catholic leaders in America have an unusually close relationship with the Republican party. The cardinals, archbishops and bishops have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP. Apparently, the GOP now thinks it has the power to determine who is and who isn’t a real Catholic:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is trading barbs with a left-leaning Catholic group over the details of the $3.5 trillion Senate-passed budget.

An NRSC spokesman blasted the organization as “a political front group that hides behind Catholicism to advance a left-wing agenda.”

Hides behind Catholicism? What does that mean? And, the Republicans get to decide that because???

The group attacked by the GOP, Catholics United, practices its faith in the what many see as the best tradition of the church:

The group, Catholics United, which describes itself as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization “dedicated to promoting the message of justice and the common good found at the heart of the Catholic Social tradition,” fired back yesterday.

“The NRSC and the Senate Republican leadership have clearly chosen to engage in the Karl Rove slash-and-burn tactics of character assassination rather than engage in a constructive and civil debate on the merits of the economic recovery plan,” said James Salt, communications director of Catholics United.

The NRSC and the Senate Republican leadership have been empowered by the Catholic Church hierarchy to attack Catholics who don’t toe the GOP line. Proving that point, you’ll never see the Catholic hierarchy push back on the GOP. Never. They’re too busy worrying about Obama speaking at Notre Dame.

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