OMB Deputy Director: GOP budget is “a series of talking points”

As we reported earlier today, House Republicans offered a budget today — or what they call a budget. It relied heavily on Bush-era ideas. It’s like Rep. Paul Ryan and his Republican cronies have no idea how much damage Bush’s polices, which they abetted and endorsed, have done to the country.

Last week, at the presidential news conference, Obama pointed out that while the GOP was criticizing his budget, they didn’t have one of their own. Ever since Obama uttered the words “We haven’t seen an alternative budget out of them,” the Republicans have been in a frenzy trying to figure out what to do. They’ve been tripping all over themselves on both sides of the aisle.

No one knows what’s going on with Republican Senators, including Republican Senators. On the House side, after last week’s photo op debacle, which elicited a week of untold mocking, they finally released something that is supposed to count as their budget.

Obama’s team isn’t impressed.

OMB Deputy Director Rob Nabors did a conference call today to compare and contrast Obama’s budget with the GOP’s budget. He noted the Republican budget offers the “same tried and true policies that have failed this country in the past.”

In highlighting the key differences, Nabors explained that a “Budget is a plan that has to hold together and contain a vision.” Obama certainly did that. But, Nabors took aim at the GOP budget saying that the Obama administration’s “chief criticism” is that what the GOP offered isn’t a plan. Instead, “it’s a series of talking points.” Harsh, but true.

And, while the Obama administration is willing to listen to ideas from the GOP, Nabors said there are not as many good ideas as we would have hoped for.

When the ideas are left over from eight years of George Bush, they’ll never be good.

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