Arizona State refuses Obama honorary degree. Says he hasn’t accomplished enough in life.

Arizona State University invited President Obama to speak at their commencement, but they’ve notified the leader of the free world that he won’t be getting an honorary degree because, well, you know, it’s great that he’s the first black president and everything (yes, they noted that he’s black), but maybe he could come back after he finishes his term, and if he’s accomplished anything significant by then, the president of the Harvard of the desert will be happy to reconsider whether the President of the United States of America has accomplished anything significant in his life.

Now, before anyone thinks this is about racism or anything, it should be noted that Arizona State is happy to bestow honorary degrees on other people of color (or at least non-white color) who have accomplished great things in their lives, like the vice minister of education of communist China. Who I’m sure is a very nice woman, when she’s not pimping for a dictatorship that oppresses fifteen percent of the world’s entire population.

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