Sarah Palin’s Scientology link, and Greta Van Susteren’s massive conflict of interest

So not only is a Scientologist reportedly one of Sarah Palin’s top advisers, but the man is the husband of FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren. And ThinkProgress says that not only did Van Susteren never reveal that her husband was a top Palin adviser, while Van Susteren was interviewing Palin on FOX during the campaign, but TP says that Van Sustern even did stories about her husband’s work, without revealing her husband’s involvement in it.

I’d like to know why a Scientologist is one of Sarah “Religious Right” Palin’s top advisers. (I can’t believe the top religious right groups put up with this.) And then I’d like to know why FOX “News” is okay with its talent interviewing politicians their family members work for, and reporting on stories involving their own family, and not divulging that fact. The answer to the second question is easy – FOX doesn’t reveal its conflicts because FOX isn’t a real news network, it’s a Republican propaganda organ. But the answer to the first question is less obvious. What is Palin doing cozying up to a Scientologist? And for that matter, according to Andrew Halcro, Bill Clinton was very close to the Scientologists, doing their bidding during the 1990s. That’s just creepy. I had no idea. But now I’d like to know if Hillary is shilling for the Scientologists while at State as well.

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