Republicans in full whine mode because Obama is going to work around their obstructionist tactics

The Republican whining about Obama and bipartisanship is getting tiresome. To work, bipartisanship has to be a two-way street. But, the Republicans have a roadblock on their side of the street — and they bitch every time Obama tries to get around their obstructions:

Senior members of the Obama administration are pressing lawmakers to use a shortcut to drive the president’s signature initiatives on health care and energy through Congress without Republican votes, a move that many lawmakers say would fly in the face of President Obama’s pledge to restore bipartisanship to Washington.

Republicans are howling about the proposal to expand health coverage and tax greenhouse gas emissions without their input, warning that it could irrevocably damage relations with the new president.

“That would be the Chicago approach to governing: Strong-arm it through,” said Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), who briefly considered joining the Obama administration as commerce secretary. “You’re talking about the exact opposite of bipartisan. You’re talking about running over the minority, putting them in cement and throwing them in the Chicago River.”

Obama went to the White House with a vow to change the way things are done. The Republicans are playing the same games. Obama vowed accomplishments for the American people. The Republicans on Capitol Hill are doing every thing they can to stop him. So, when Obama basically, says “Fine, I’ll do it without you,” the Republicans whine and run to the media. It’s pathetic and it’s gotten really old already.

NOTE FROM JOHN: “[W]arning that it could irrevocably damage relations with the new president.” Right, those would be the relations where Obama bent over backwards, even offered the GOP 3 cabinet posts, and in return 3 of them – a whopping 3 – voted for the stimulus package. What “relations” are the Republicans talking about?

Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the GOP, has said repeatedly he wants Obama to fail. Most of the GOPers on the Hill are lemmings who follow (and fear) Rush. That’s what Obama is up against. Republicans want to kill Obama’s agenda. It’s good that the White House has figured that out. Now, roll the Republicans. Team Obama should “Strong-arm it through.” It’s the only way to save the country from the economic disaster created by the Republicans.

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