More threats and extortion from AIG employees

I’m getting really tired of the “if you come near me, I’ll jump” threat coming from AIG employees. Jump already, or shut up.

“Nobody is going to give it back and then stay,” said one of the firm’s employees. “If they give back the money, then they will walk. And they will walk into the arms of AIG’s counterparties.”

As I wrote previously, please do run into the arms of a competitor. I’m sure AIG’s competitors are hiring heavily right now since, you know, the economy is booming, we’re at full employment, and there’s really no competition out there from anyone who just graduated from B-school, who was working for an AIG competitor and just lost their jobs in a cutback, or from any of the thousands who worked for any of the other Wall Street firms that are now defunct.

Oh, and I’m sure AIG’s competitors are especially interested in hiring the very people who sunk AIG in the first place. Seriously, walk. Or shut up already.

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