More GOP attacks launched on Michael Steele. Morning Joe piles on.

Even other conservative media personalities are trying to curry favor with Rush Limbaugh — at the expense of RNC Chair Michael Steele:

Michael Steele was the target of many a joke on MSNBC’s Morning Joe after he apparently declined to appear on the show.

After asking where the RNC chairman was and what time he was scheduled to appear on the show this morning, host Joe Scarborough quipped, “Did Rush not give him permission?”

Then, when discussing the DCCC new Web site,, “Do they have a permission slip that if you’re a Republican leader you can come on shows?” Scarborough asked.

Later while chatting about the economy: “You know who we should put in charge of the economy? Michael Steele – if Rush Limbaugh gives him permission.”

The chiding culminated with Morning Joe hosts airing Steele’s Today Show interview. They aired a video clip of Steele answering questions from Matt Lauer in a parody Morning Joe billed its own “Exclusive.” The hosts talked over Lauer, aping his questions.

“He wouldn’t come on,” Scarborough said of Steele.

How much longer is Steele going to take this abuse? It’s one thing to get kicked around by Democrats, but the attacks are coming from fellow Republicans, like Joe Scarborough.

Rush is the GOP’s Supreme Leader. I think he’s combination of the fat, fiery head in the Wizard of Oz and Kim Jong-Il.

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