Market direction? Take your pick

Three “experts” and three different takes on the market direction. For me, Peter Lynch and Burton Malkiel both have strong arguments with Bill Gross being the most incorrect. I refuse to accept any argument that suggests regulation will destroy the market because it was exactly the opposite that has brought us to where we are today. Yes it’s going to take years to recover after eating a heavy diet of credit for so long but there’s no doubt in my mind that we will see growth again, possibly even by the end of Obama’s term. For his sake and for the sake of our future direction, that has to happen or else the US will get thrown back into the gambler mentality that the GOP (with Democratic support) wants to promote. Obama’s economic team may be lacking and full of too many people who led us into this mess or sat idle while it happened, but the Republican “hands off” policies would be an economic death sentence.

Read the article and see if you agree with any of the three. If nothing else, it does provide a good overview of where many camps are in this debate.

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