Krugman is still at it

I give the guy points for persistence. And to those who say he should be in the administration, first, he’d slit his wrists working in a bureaucracy, and second, he’s far more helpful on the outside where his opinions won’t be neutered. Here’s his latest, via ABC:

“For people who felt that Obama was going to bring change, a real difference, it somehow feels quite a lot as if we’ve got the same old gang still making the policy decisions, despite how discredited they are in the eyes of the public…”

“We’ve got the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and we’ve got a set of half-measures in terms of economic policy and a general sense that the Treasury Department and Obama think if they can do a little more on the technical side, we’d wake up and realize it’s two years ago all over again.”…

“The buck stops with Obama. He makes the decisions. In a way, I think I’ve got as much input as anyone can reasonably hope to have,” Krugman said. “I’m rooting for him. I hope I’m wrong in being pessimistic about this plan.”

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