Even Republicans don’t like Republican leaders: “The approval rating of GOP leaders among Republicans has plummeted 12 points in a month”

Greg Sargent took a look at the latest Pew Poll and found what two other recent polls, from Rasmussen and DailyKos, have also shown. Republicans don’t like their Republican leaders:

The approval rating of GOP leaders among Republicans has plummeted 12 points in a month, down from 55% in February to a minority of 43% now. That’s striking.

Not only that, but approval of GOP leaders overall has dropped to 28% overall — the lowest rating for GOP leaders in 12 years of Pew polling.

In fact, approval of Republican congressional leaders has fallen from 34% in February to 28% currently, the lowest rating for GOP leaders in nearly 14 years of Pew Research surveys.

Why is this happening? Is it general lack of morale among Republicans? Is it that GOP voters are frustrated that their leaders haven’t succeeded in blocking Obama’s agenda? Or could it be that the Dem strategy of using Rush Limbaugh to drive a wedge between die-hard partisan Republicans and those who want to see Obama succeed is working? Something is turning Republicans against their own leadership — in big numbers.

Maybe even Republicans think taking money for nothing but talk is wrong. And, probably a few of them know that if Obama fails, the nation fails.

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